Over the last few weeks I have had trouble making a new post.  I have been thinking a lot about exactly why?  I have come up with many actually, but I wanted to talk about one in particular.  The idea here will be then to give a little more insight into who I am, in addition to shamelessly make some excuses for not posting in nearly a month.  It’s a win-win scenario, don’t you think?

One of the biggest reasons I have had trouble is that I tend to self-sabotage before I ever start.  I do this because I have a terrible sense of self-worth.  I believe that a large part of the state of my self-esteem has to do with my having ADHD (If I’m losing you, try to stick it out, I promise I’ll bring it all back around). Specifically, I am ADHD-PI; the “Predominantly Inattentive” subtype.  Yes indeed, the name of the blog.  Yes it’s kind of like using the movie title in the dialogue of the movie, but I’m a corny motherfucker all right? So sue me.

Oh, and by the way: here’s the link to the full, very relevant comic from James of No Trades that was used as this post’s featured image.  Go give him some love. Continue reading ADHD & Me